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About Michael C  Sachs, MA, JD

Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP)

Michael C Sachs
Michael C. Sachs is an educator, award-winning speaker, trainer, writer, teacher, and community leader.   He is an expert in areas of direct assessment of student learning in student affairs and services, compliance in higher education, leadership development, health and safety in study abroad, to name a few.  Michael has presented hundreds of workshops, presentation, keynotes, and presentation both inside and outside of higher education. Michael is a peer evaluator and compliance reviewer for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).  He is a licensed attorney in New York and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional.



Michael has worked in student affairs for over 30 years. He currently holds the title of Assistant  Vice President and Dean of Students of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, and he Chairs the College's Diversity and Inclusion Committee.   Michael has served as commission chair for ACPA, the ACPA International Strategic Plan development committee,  and was a member of the NASPA International Symposium planning committee.  Michael currently services as a peer review evaluator, workshop presenter, and compliance reviewer for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Michael C Sachs

In addition,  Michael is a founding member of IASAS (International Association of Student Affairs and Services) and has presented or spoken at national and regional conferences and presented hundreds of workshops, keynotes, presentations, panels, webinars and meetings on a variety of topics within and outside of higher education. Michael has served as the student services representative for the New York State Education Department readiness team for both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and co-chaired a Middle States Self-Study steering committee.      Contact:  

Michael C Sachs
Michael has been a leader in his community since  his  youth.  He is an Eagle Scout, Served as a national officer of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America and received the Distinguished Services Award (OA) from the Boy Scouts of America -  an honor bestowed on fewer than 1000 Scouters since its inception in 1940.  

Michael is a Master Mason, has served in various lodge offices,  is a member of Rotary , and is a member of Toastmaster International having served as  president of two President’s Distinguished Clubs, and is past division governor. 

Fun and Passions
The most important passions in my life are, travel, food, the arts. and lifelong learning.  
Travel:  At the age of eight I took my first international trip and by the time I was  18 had traveled to 15 different countries.  At last count, I have travel to more than 60 countries.  I like to explore the unusual, meet with people, and immerse myself into the culture.   
Michael C sachs
Michael C Sachs
Food:  Fine dining is my love  - well prepared and fresh ingredients are my passion.  From the James Beard Foundation,  a freshly prepared Bahn mi from a street vendor in Vietnam, or a lovingly prepared dinner by my husband or friends, good food and conversation are an essential part of my life.  With that passion is  my love for gardening and a belief in fresh local products.  I grow many of my own vegetables and herbs, and my husband preserves sauces, salsas, and pickles a variety of vegetables .  My friends know I will travel miles for farm fresh eggs order to make the perfect oeufs brouillés.  Food is only as good as the ingredients used to prepare it!
Michael C Schs
Art and Theater: Art and theater is my other love.  Although no expert in these areas the thrill viewing a masterpiece by Vermeer, Khalo, Rodin, or Jasper Johns; hearing the intoxicating music of  Bartock  and Vivaldi, or being mesmerized by a production by Wilson, Sondheim, or Bennett will be the passion I will enjoy once I am no longer able to travel and fine dining my not like me as much as I like it.
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