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Keynotes, Workshops, Presentations &  Consulting
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Public Speaking 


for Student Service Professionals

Direct Assessment of

Student Learning  Outcomes in AES/Student Services 

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize direct vs. indirect assessment

  • Identify types of direct assessment

  • Understand how direct assessment can be implemented on campus

  • Linking SLO to the self-study, strategic plan, goals, and institutional mission

Intended for Student Services Professionals and Faculty

Supporting the Student Experience:

Using Effective Planning and Resource Allocation to Align Institutional Mission, 

Goals, and General Education Outcomes in Student Services 

Intended for Student Services Professionals and Faculty

Participants will be able to:

  • Learn to align Student Services to the planning and resource allocation process of the institution

  • Link institutional mission, goals, and general education outcomes to Student Services programs and services

  • Understand how to use assessment data to guide programmatic decision-making and institutional mission

Mission-Driven Strategic Plans, K.P.I, & Data


Intended for  Corporation, Higher Education Professionals and Faculty

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop dynamic mission-driven strategic plans

  • Create measurable, data-driven, realistic Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Create linkable between departmental, divisional, and institutional mission and goals

Developing Dynamic Assessment Programs: 

Development, Implementation, and Reporting

  • Recognize the difference between operational assessment, direct assessment of Student Learning, indirect assessment

  • Understand the importance of assessment to program success, accreditation, and planning

  • Creating integrated assessment plans and mapping to student affairs / services and goals

  • Creating assessment that directly link General Education learning outcomes, the self-study process, and institutional strategic plan, goals, and mission

Intended for Student Services Professionals an Faculty


Developing an Cost Effective Compliance Program in  Student Services

Developing your Federal Compliance Accreditation Report

Intended for Student Services Professionals and/or Compliance Officers 


  • Assisting Institutions to develop a cost effective compliance program in Student Services

  • Review of Federal Compliance report for Accreditation

Student Development

& Success Series

Evaluating Job Offers & Acceptances 

Intended for graduate, undergraduate students and new professionals:

  • Participants will learn what they can and can't negotiate during a job search

  • Understanding when the negotiation processes begins and ends

  • How not to negotiate yourself out of a job

  • Participants will be provided practical skills on how to negotiate jobs terms based on industry

Working with the Generation: Baby Boomers to Millennials and Beyond

Intended for any group or organization:

This program is designed to provide an overview of the generational types, how to work with each group, inter- and intragroup communication, and how to create better work / organizational environments. This program is a fun interactive program that will cover:

  • Defining the generation

  • Understanding the factors that shaped their generation

  • Working with each generation

  • The communication style of each generation

  • Working with each generation

  • Tools to help generational groups work together

  • Mitigating factors that affect generational types

Creating Goals , Strategic Plans & Mission: The Basics

A basic 101 workshop intended for institutional departments, clubs, graduate and undergraduate student leaders, and organizations:

  • Learn how to develop a well-constructed goal statement for their organizations and their personal goals

  • The program will identify tools that will help document, implement, achieve, and assess their personal and professional goals.

  • Understand the importance of an organizational department and/or personal mission

  • Develop Strategic Plans with measurable KPIs

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