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Supporting Student Experience Workshop


Student Services departments too often create programs, events, or activities and

then attempt to create linkages to general education outcomes, mission, goals, and

the planning process. Most accreditors directs institutions to align the planning process with the goals and mission in order to improve programs and services and document “conclusions drawn from assessment results.” When making planning decisions and creating alignments, administrators often focus on academic affairs and institutional infrastructure." (MSCHE Standard IV)  This workshop is half day and can be tailored to your institution.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to align Student Services to the planning and resource allocation process

         of the institution;

  • Link institutional mission, goals, and general education outcomes to Student

  • Services programs and services;

  • Understand how to use assessment data to guide programmatic decision-making.

Supporting the Student Experience:

Using Effective Planning and Resource Allocation to Align Institutional Mission, 

Goals, and General Education Outcomes in Student Services 

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