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Development, Implementation, and Reporting

Developing Dynamic Assessment Programs: 

Student Services professionals often see “assessment” as a single all-encompassing term for review or satisfaction of services, programs, or departments.  However, assessment encompasses many processes.  This interactive workshop will help the practitioner understand the difference between operational/ program assessment, indirect assessment (student satisfaction), direct assessment (how to measure what the student actually learned), and General Education Learning Outcomes.   The workshop will take the student service practitioner step-by-step untangling the maze of the assessment process, developing an assessment plan, providing suggestions on assessment cycles, and will show how to link all assessment and planning processes to the institutional mission and goals.  The program can be either a half-day or full-day. 


Learning Goals:


To understand the difference between direct, indirect, operational, and general education learning goals.


Learn how to link assessment goals to the institutional mission and goals


Learn how to develop an easy to use reporting process for year-end assessment mapping


Learn how to create an assessment plan

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